Tiffany Martschink


Tiffany with her father, Gustave C. Martschink; Jr., at the Lexington County Blowfish - a summer collegiate baseball team in the Coastal Plain League. where she threw the ceremonial first pitch in 2016.

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513th Military Intelligence Brigade 2002-2003 Soldier of the Quarter & alternate Soldier of the Year of Fort Gordon, GA.

Tiffany Martschink is originally from Charleston, South Carolina. She entered the US Army on 3 February 1995 and served on active duty until 29 April 2004 as a Religious Affairs Specialist/ NCO. Tiffany went directly from active duty service into the Army Reserves and, due to a desire to help those in need, decided to change her Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) to a Combat Medic (68WM6). Unfortunately, she made it only halfway through the 4-month school at Fort Sam Houston, Texas due to not passing the National Registry- which requires passing in order to proceed further. Upon returning to her reserve unit, she functioned as a Religious Affairs NCO.

Throughout her time on both active duty and in the reserves, Tiffany served as a Religious Affairs Specialist/ NCO in a variety of assignments. These assignments include time in aviation, more specifically, with the Apache (AH-64), INSCOM with the 513th Military Intelligence Brigade (SIGNT/ HMNT), a couple of TRADOC units, medical units,  and Garrison/ IMCOM (Installation Management Command). 

Tiffany was mobilized/activated three times in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF), Operation Noble Eagle (ONE), and Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF). After these three mobilizations, Tiffany attended the U.S. Army Recruiter course and headed to Michigan where she functioned as a full-time Army Recruiter (79R).  For the last six years of her service, Tiffany served as an Instructor/Course Writer. Tiffany retired after 24 years of continued service to our nation- retiring on 31 May 2019.

Pictured left to right 10th Mountain Division Infantryman medically retired;  J.R. Martinez, Dave Rover, & Sergeant Tiffany Martschink

In 2007, Dave Rover shared his story with Army Soldiers in training at Fort Knox, Kentucky. Eight months into his tour of duty in Vietnam, Dave was burned beyond recognition when a phosphorous grenade he was poised to throw exploded in his hand. The ordeal left him hospitalized for fourteen months, where he underwent numerous major surgeries. His survival and life are miraculous.

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Basic Combat Training Ft Leanard-wood, Missouri February 1995.


Advanced Individual Training (AIT) Ft. Monmouth, NJ APR -MAY 1995.   The tallest and shortest student to go through the Chaplain Center and School (USACHCS).


Tiffany participated in Equine Therapy for veterans who have a diagnosis of PTSD or TBI/mTBI. 

In 2017, Jeremy Harrell founded Veteran’s Club which is a premier organization in Kentucky that assists thousands of veterans daily in a multitude of ways such as the nationally recognized Equine Therapy Program, Career Transition, Family Outreach Program, Homeless Veteran Housing Program, and Recreational Therapy Programs. Jeremy was also named 2018 Kentucky Veteran of the Year and was commissioned a Kentucky Colonel in 2019 for the works he’s done for veterans in Kentucky.

In addition, Jeremy also serves as a Co-Chair for Veteran's Community Alliance of Louisville (VCAL) in an effort to bring organizations together. Jeremy also serves on the Week of Valor planning committee for Louisville Metro Government as well as the VA Mental Health Summit Planning Committee. Outside of his organization, Jeremy leads with an organization called Mighty Oaks Warrior Program to help struggling veterans in week-long retreats in CA, OH, TX, and VA. Jeremy recently signed on as a Community Influencer with the Synergy Project which bridges the gap and brings the community alongside the Louisville Metro Police Department. Jeremy is married to his wife Erin and they have 4 children.

Jeremy Herrell.jpg

Jeremy Herrell

CEO/Founder of KY Veteran’s Club, Inc 

Louisville, KY 40207
Phone: (502) 487-1464
Email: info@veteransclubinc.org

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I enjoyed speaking with Tiffany so much! She was so easy to talk to. So much so, that I found myself sharing more than I had anticipated. Tiffany listened patiently, and provided helpful tips, and suggested valuable resources that I will look into. I am excited to start working with her and start my journey, developing public speaking skills. I LOVE the plan of action Tiffany had in mind for me to begin; I am truly excited to see how far I can go with her guidance! THANK YOU, Tiffany! For everything. :-)  

Denys Castaño

Military Veteran

October 30, 2020

Most of all thank you for your inspiration. Thank you also for the tips on public speaking. I am looking forward to our next session. 

Angela Jacobs, CPCM, CFCM, PCC

Military Spouse

August 2020

Tiffany is truly amazing and gave me personalized recommendations and feedback! She also was extremely understanding of the complexities of transitioning, and as supportive as a close family member! I’d recommend Tiffany as a mentor to just about anyone because she is extremely versatile and has diverse experience and skills. 

Chelsea Moses

 USAF Intelligence Veteran

October 2020