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The purpose of The Mettle of Honor Podcast and this website is to provide a means of hope and encouragement, along with resources needed by those in the military and veteran communities. The stories shared on the podcast and through the blogs come from the heart of fellow veterans, their spouses, and subject matter experts from individuals and organizations that provide care and support to the military and veteran communities.

To all my fellow U.S. Armed Forces service members in uniform and veterans now out of uniform: from the bottom of my heart, I say, "Thank you for your service!" Some of you have experienced unimaginable pain, loss, and grief that no-one should ever experience. My hope is that you are receiving the much-needed love, care, and support as you travel down the road to recovery. While embarking on your journey to find your true identity - who you are as a person - not by what is displayed on your uniform. Those tabs, badges, patches, awards, and decorations are representative of your accomplishments and are well deserved but you are not your accomplishments.

The bond we have with each other - no matter the branch or component - is tighter than blood. It doesn't matter where you came from geographically nor does it matter what your nationality, gender, religious or socio-economical status was or is currently. If we meet for the first time at the local coffee shop or anywhere else in the community or if we've known each other for ages - I am confident you have my back when the need arises as I have yours.


To all the spouses and dependents of service members: I want to thank you too for your service. Your untiring sacrifices, love, and support to your loved one in uniform do not go unnoticed. I see you. I acknowledge you and give you a hardy "Thank you for your service!"


-Tiffany Martschink

U.S. Army, Retired

The Mettle of Honor Podcast

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Amanda Airman to Mom_edited.jpg

Airman to Mom & Women of the Military Podcast

Amanda Huffman, the creator of Airman to Mom Blog and the Women of the Military Podcast. Amanda interviews women who have served in the military or are currently serving in the military. Amanda also shares certain aspects of her military experience as an Air Force Officer, military spouse, veteran, and mom.

I had the privilege of being a guest on an episode of her podcast (episode 122) entitled Letting down your guard and Facing an MST. Recently, episode 138, Pros and Cons of Being a Woman in the Military, was published. My episode was part of episode 138.  Both episodes can be accessed below.  Check them out!



Tiffany Martschink Episode 122 – 28:38

"I would tell them to do it. You never know until you try it. And I would tell all young women who are looking at joining the military, I would not try to sway you to do a certain job or join a certain branch. Because at the end of the day, it’s all the US military. So I would challenge them to do their research to find the branch and the job that fits what their desires and goals are because their needs can be met in all of the branches."